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How Do I Upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

Date updated: 31 December 2023 | by Sybil Mayard

What is GA4?

If you are using Google Analytics, you may be aware that there is a new version of Analytics called GA4. The previous version, Universal Analytics, stopped processing new data on 1st July 2023, so if you are still using Universal Analytics you need to upgrade to GA4 to avoid further data loss.

Not sure which version of Google Analytics you are using? Sign into Google Analytics with your Gmail account. In the top left-hand corner click the menu (to the right of the Analytics logo):

Google Analytics homepage

The menu will open. Check the Properties & Apps column. The property IDs are displayed below each property. If the ID begins with "UA", then it is a Universal Analytics property. Otherwise, it is a GA4 property.

Google Analytics Properties & Apps

How to Create a GA4 Property

Once you've identified that you need to create a GA4 property, watch the video below or scroll down to follow the instructions for the next steps.

In the bottom left-hand corner, click the Admin icon.

Google Analytics Admin

Click the blue Create Property button.

Google Analytics property management

Enter a meaningful name for your property, and select the time zone and the currency. Then click Next.

Google Analytics create a property

Select the industry category and the business size. Click Next.

Google Analytics describe your business

On this page, choose one or more business objectives. Then click Create.

Google Analytics choose your business objectives

Choose the platform that you would like to collect data for (Web):

Google Analytics start collecting data

Enter your website's URL, and enter a stream name. Click Create stream.

Google Analytics set up data stream

How to Install the Tracking Code on Your Website

You will be presented with the installation instructions.

Google Analytics installation instructions

Google can attempt to automatically detect your website's platform if you click the Scan button. If that does not work, you can select one of the platforms listed at the bottom. For example, if you have a Wix website, click the Wix button. Then if you scroll down, you will see the instructions for installing the analytics code on your Wix website.

Google Analytics website platform

If your platform is not listed, you can click the Install manually tab. This will show you the tracking code - copy this code and paste it into every page of your website, immediately after the head tag.

Google Analytics install manually

Need More Help?

Check out my articles below which explain in more detail how to install GA4 on the most popular website builders:

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  3. How to Install GA4 on Your WordPress Website

How to Verify That Your GA4 Tracking Code is Working

Once you have installed the GA4 tracking code on your website, visit your website and open a few pages.

In Google Analytics, return to the homepage. Observe the Users in Last 30 Minutes report. After a few minutes, you should see some data showing up in this report. If not, double-check that you have installed the tracking code correctly.

Google Analytics users in last 30 minutes

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