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How to Install GA4 on Your Shopify Website

Google Analytics 4 Installation on Shopify

Date published: 19 June 2023 | by Sybil Mayard

You must remove password protection from your Shopify store in order to allow Google Analytics to track events.

This article assumes that you have created a GA4 property already. If you haven't yet done so, please read my article, How Do I Upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

Firstly, find your Google Analytics measurement ID. This can be found from the Web stream details page in your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics web stream details

From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Preferences.

Shopify online store preferences

Scroll down to the Google Analytics section and click Manage pixel here.

Shopify Google Analytics manage pixel here

Click Add sales channel.

Shopify add Google & YouTube sales channel

Select the Google account that owns your GA4 property.

Choose an account to continue to Google Channel by Shopify

Click Allow.

Shopify trust Google Channel

In the Connect a Google Analytics property section, select the GA4 property from the dropdown and click the Connect button.

Shopify connect a Google Analytics property

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