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Web Design Services in Surrey

The Importance of a Website for Your Small Business

Standing out in an increasingly competitive market is one of the biggest challenges for the small businesses of today. Being present on a few social media platforms is no longer sufficient to develop a successful business. You must combine a range of methods to form an effective marketing strategy, and your website should be central to that strategy.

Why should your website be at the core of your marketing? Because it is the one thing that you truly own and control. Additionally, running a business without a website can mean that you miss out on valuable opportunities to increase enquiries, leads, and make sales.

Here are a few reasons why you need a website:

If you do not already have a website, it's time to start thinking about building one. Or, if you have an existing site but it's not working for you for any reason, consider restructuring or redesigning it. Are you a small business owner in Surrey seeking support with your website? Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Why Choose Sybiltec's Services

At Sybiltec, we understand what makes websites work. We'll build a website for you that meets your business' individual needs. Here's how you'll benefit from the service:

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Web Design Clients in Surrey

We have worked with charities and small businesses in Surrey to help improve their websites and online presence. Below are some examples.

New Haw Community Centre, Woodham, Surrey

New Haw Community Centre, Woodham

At the Centre of Our Community

The Community Centre benefits from a fresh, modern design and an improved booking system. Services provided:

  • Website redesign
  • LemonBooking integration
  • Google Search Console submission
  • Google Analytics setup
Crazy Thumbs

Crazy Thumbs

Specialising in vintage video games and equipment as well as contemporary titles and trade-ins

  • Shopify store development
  • Advanced navigation system
  • Sound effects
  • Embedded Twitch videos
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Google Search Console submission
The GDPR Compliance Consultancy

The GDPR Compliance Consultancy

Compliance, Delivered

The GDPR Compliance Consultancy required a website refresh and error fixing to improve SEO and traffic to the website. Services provided:

  • Website refresh
  • SEO improvements
  • Blog post upload
  • Theme customisations
  • Google Search Console submission
  • Google Analytis setup

How the Web Design Process Works

Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation. During the consultation, we'll ask you some questions about your business and your reason for needing our website services. It's also a chance for you to ask us anything and determine if we are a good fit for each other. If you would like to take things further, we'll arrange a longer, in-depth conversation to understand your business and requirements in more detail.

If after this stage you are interested in commissioning our web design services, you'll be sent a quotation and an agreement which outlines the work to be carried out and the associated fees. There are no hidden charges, so you can be sure that the price quoted to you will be the price you pay.

Once the agreement has been signed by you, we will begin by planning the website structure - this will be in the form of a sitemap, and a list of pages (URLs) to be created for the site.

The next stage will involve creating a design for the website, beginning with the homepage. You'll be asked for feedback on the design, so the faster we can receive the feedback from you, the quicker we'll be able to progress onto the next stage.

When we agree on the final version of the designs, your website will be built on the most suitable platform, whether that is WordPress, Wix or Shopify. Finally, we will carry out thorough testing of the website to ensure that all functions are working correctly before launch.

For further information on the website design process, please read the article The Web Design Process Explained in 12 Easy Steps.

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